We are thrilled to announce our second annual Reggio Run will be held on Friday, March 31, from 4 pm to 7pm in the garden at First Baptist. We will have the Fun Run with activities throughout that are fun for ALL ages. Come hungry, Black Thai food truck will be here! Bring family, friends, and neighbors—and encourage them to help support by donating and/or attending—just send them this link! https://firstbaptistgreenville.com/reggio-run/

Our goal is 100% participation, so even if you’re out of town, please consider registering so your child can get a t-shirt and we can reach our goal! There will be an option under the “registration” button to select whether or not you plan to attend. We understand plans shift, this is for estimation purposes only.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email Claire Billingsly at clairebillingsley1@gmail.com

Choose Option(s) to Open Form

Choose I AM HERE TO REGISTER for any child attending—currently enrolled in FBDS, siblings, cousins, friends.
Choose I AM HERE TO DONATE if you are a grandparent, relative, or friend of the family registering.
Select BOTH if you would like to make a donation in addition to registering your child(ren).


Black Thai Menu

Veggie Egg Roll
Two veggie egg rolls with cabbage, carrots, onions. Comes with mae ploy dipping sauce

Excalibur coated fries, tossed in house seasonings served with “bolo” sauce for dipping

Mozzarola sticks
Six sticks served with red sauce

Black Thai Burger
Ground chuck, duck and bacon pattie from Revival butcher. Topped with house “bolo” sauce, Muenster cheese, and fried shishito peppers. Served on a garlic butter english muffin bun. With a side of either fried or broccoli salad

Chicken Tenders
Four crispy tenders served with fries

Kids Grilled Cheese and Fries

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