Tony Hopkins

Interim Senior Minister

“Even before I arrived in Greenville, I knew that First Baptist values meaningful worship, nurtures disciples effectively, and truly believes that God’s love is for all people. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and serve in this kind of place!” Tony has spent forty years in ministry, highlighted by pastoral tenures of ten years in Edgefield and twenty years in Greenwood. Tony has served CBF of South Carolina in several capacities, including serving on the Missions Committee, the Coordinating Council, and the Executive team; he also served a one-year term as Moderator. He loves teaching the Bible, whether in the church, on the college level, or to seminary students. Tony and his wife, Carol, have two children and three grandchildren.

Mary Carol Anderson

Minister of Youth and College

“Over the years First Baptist Greenville has been a place where I was taught, loved, encouraged, and given the freedom to discover who I am as a gifted child of God. It is the nurturing of this congregation that led me to discover my calling in youth ministry. I am honored, to have returned home to the place that has raised me to continue the tradition of loving, teaching, and allowing our youth to have the freedom to discover who they are as children of God. I am passionate about missions and community involvement and guiding our youth to be the hands and feet of Christ in this world.” Mary Carol returns to Greenville with a love to hike and play with in her free time.

Vivian Hamilton

Minister of Music

“I was drawn to First Baptist because it is a nurturing community of faith where music is a vital part of our services and youth and children’s ministries. I love our congregational gatherings: whether singing hymns in our beautiful sanctuary, or gathering in the fellowship hall for MidWeek Fellowship – it is a wonderful place to discover the gifts that music and worship can offer us all in our spiritual journeys.” Vivian and her husband, David, have two daughters, Sarah and Caroline. She has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since 2008.

Camille Loomis Rehnborg

Minister of Spiritual Formation and Outreach

“FBG’s community is a jewel of the Upstate! We work to be a faith community where all questions, testimonies, joys and curiosities are enthusiastically welcome. I am grateful for the lively spirit in our congregation and the ways we support one another through thick and thin. Despite being a large church, our deep love for each other makes it feel like home.” Prior to seminary, Camille worked as a middle school orchestra director in Mississippi. She is particularly drawn to God’s creative beauty expressed in music, art, and story. Camille is married to Matthew, a fellow seminary graduate and expert in all things community design. Camille joined FBG’s staff in 2020, when she honed her televangelist poses for online worship.

Franklin Lowe

Associate Minister of Youth and College

“I have always been fascinated by small communities that change society for the better. Here at FBG, that positive change is happening all around us – during Sunday worship, through missions and partnerships, and in the classes we offer for every age. In particular, I see the Youth Family as a source of good growth and change for our community. I want to encourage our youth and young people to see themselves as integral members of this congregation, the Church at large, and God’s great story of creativity, redemption, and hope.” Franklin joined our staff in 2022, after studying at the University of the South, the College of William & Mary, and the Community of St. Anselm.

Bridget Kokolis

Children’s Minister

Rev. Bridget Kokolis served as Minister to Families at Augusta Road Baptist church here in Greenville for six years and served as the Associate Minister of Spiritual Formation at Greenlawn Baptist Church in Columbia, SC for ten years.
Bridget has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of South Carolina and earned her Master of Divinity degree from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.
Bridget has a passion for teaching each child about God’s abundant love and walking alongside families as they seek to deepen their faith together.
Bridget is married to Michael Sr. They have a twelve-year-old son, also named Michael. She loves spending time with her family, their pets, and finding chances to create.

Kyle Matthews

Minister of Pastoral Care

“FBC Greenville is unique! Here, gifts are matched to ministries, and the fruit of that approach is evident in the quality, substance, and diversity of her ministries. When I considered taking this position, I asked myself: where else could all the facets of my gifts, interests, education and experience be put to good use? FBC is one of few such places, and it is a privilege to serve in such a church.” Kyle and his wife, Susan, have two children, Emily and Christopher. A teenage member of the church’s youth group from 1976 to 1982, Kyle has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since Fall 2008.

Kendra Plating

Minister of Pastoral Care and Counseling

“Even when first visiting First Baptist Greenville, I felt welcomed. My husband and I were looking for a progressive Baptist church that had heart and life, but was still closely tied to its Baptist heritage. We found this at First Baptist. I am so happy to have found a church where I can be on staff and be true to myself and my beliefs. Not to mention, it’s great to be a part of a church that accepts my call as a female minister. This church is filled with dedicated and loving people, and it’s an honor to be a part of the good things that are happening here at First Baptist Greenville.” Kendra and her husband, Chris, moved to Greenville from Boston, MA in January of 2014. Kendra is a native North Carolinian and grew up in the Baptist church. Chris and Kendra have two children, Hattie and Wilder.

Becky Ramsey

Minister to Children

“I serve at FBC Greenville because of its deep respect for the spirituality and gifts of children. This church recognizes the importance of meeting children at their individual levels of development and sharing with them God’s sacred stories, so that they can apply God’s truths to their own lives. Here they can ask questions without fear or judgment, and know that they will be loved as a child of God, regardless of who they are.” Becky and her husband, Todd, have three children, Sarah, Ben, and Sam. She has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since October 2011.

Matt Rollins

Minister of Community Engagement

“I love the people of FBC, how they take care of each other, and how seriously they take becoming God’s people. Their concern for the community and their willingness to both lead and follow in mission and ministry initiatives are also things I admire and encourage. What a great place to be a minister!” Matt and his wife, Rolyn, have three children, Jack, Celie Ann, and Lucy. He has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since September 2003.

Frank Smith

Minister of Neighborhood Partnership and Christian Fellowship

“First Baptist Church Greenville continues to be the place where I am able to fulfill my call to ministry. I have had the privilege of ministering with and beside this caring congregation for over 16 years. New and exciting ministries continue to provide opportunities for the entire congregations to be involve in reaching out and meeting the needs of our neighbors.” Frank and his wife, Gwen, have two married daughters—Tess and Kevin Camp, and Chesnee and Brian Marshall—and three grandchildren. Frank has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since September 1997.

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