Jim Dant

Senior Minister

Dr. Dant began his long pastoral career in 1980 as a staff minister at Parkwood Hills Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia and then at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Willisburg, Kentucky in 1981. He was the associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia from 1987-1991. He served as pastor at First Baptist Church in Baxley, Georgia from 1991-1997 and at Highland Hills Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia from 1997-2012.

In 2012, he co-founded Faithlab, a creative services firm that assists churches with their organizational and communications needs. Jim has served as an adjunct professor at Brewton Parker College, Mercer University and Mercers’ McAfee School of Theology and is a well-respected conference and retreat leader throughout the country.

Dr. Dant is a graduate of Georgia State University, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Columbia Theological Seminary. He has enjoyed post-graduate studies at Princeton Theological Seminary, Hebrew College, Macon State College, and the Mercy Center.

Dr. Dant’s diverse background and personal experiences have created in him a unique ability to identify and understand people from all walks of life. From playing classical guitar and studying Hebrew, to running triathlons and even enjoying a good card game, he uses his many talents to teach, mentor, and nurture individuals, groups, and congregations.

Mary Carol Anderson

Minister of Youth and College

“Over the years First Baptist Greenville has been a place where I was taught, loved, encouraged, and given the freedom to discover who I am as a gifted child of God. It is the nurturing of this congregation that led me to discover my calling in youth ministry. I am honored, to have returned home to the place that has raised me to continue the tradition of loving, teaching, and allowing our youth to have the freedom to discover who they are as children of God. I am passionate about missions and community involvement and guiding our youth to be the hands and feet of Christ in this world.” Mary Carol returns to Greenville with her beautiful 8 year old Australian Shepherd she loves to hike and play with in her free time.

Vivian Hamilton

Minister of Music

“I was drawn to First Baptist because it is a nurturing community of faith where music is a vital part of our services and youth and children’s ministries. I love our congregational gatherings: whether singing hymns in our beautiful sanctuary, or gathering in the fellowship hall for MidWeek Fellowship – it is a wonderful place to discover the gifts that music and worship can offer us all in our spiritual journeys.” Vivian and her husband, David, have two daughters, Sarah and Caroline. She has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since 2008.

Camille Loomis Rehnborg

Pastoral Resident

Camille is a 2020 graduate of Duke Divinity School, where she received certificates in Baptist Studies and Theology and Arts, as well as the Jameson Jones Preaching Award. She is delighted to be joining the hospitable, compassionate and committed FBG family as she begins a career in ministry! Prior to seminary, Camille worked as a middle school orchestra director in Mississippi. She is particularly drawn to God’s creative beauty expressed in music, art, and story. Camille is newly married to Matthew Loomis Rehnborg, a fellow seminary graduate, and planner with Greenlink Transit. Camille joined FBG’s staff in August, 2020.

Kyle Matthews

Minister of Pastoral Care

“FBC Greenville is unique! Here, gifts are matched to ministries, and the fruit of that approach is evident in the quality, substance, and diversity of her ministries. When I considered taking this position, I asked myself: where else could all the facets of my gifts, interests, education and experience be put to good use? FBC is one of few such places, and it is a privilege to serve in such a church.” Kyle and his wife, Susan, have two children, Emily and Christopher. A teenage member of the church’s youth group from 1976 to 1982, Kyle has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since Fall 2008.

Juli Morrow

Minister to Preschoolers

“We came back to FBC (I grew up here) in 2001, because we had young children and we wanted them to be involved in a church with a vibrant and meaningful children’s program. We have not been disappointed. Our children have participated in most of the activities that are available here, and they have grown in ways that I could not have imagined. Both of them are very knowledgeable and thoughtful about their faith. I appreciate the fact that our children are taught to think for themselves, and question things they don’t understand, or don’t agree with. I am grateful to all of the people at FBC who have helped played a role in their faith development.” Juli and her husband, Jack, have two sons, Duncan and David. She joined the staff of FBC Greenville in February 2005.

Kendra Plating

Minister of Pastoral Care and Counseling

“Even when first visiting First Baptist Greenville, I felt welcomed. My husband and I were looking for a progressive Baptist church that had heart and life, but was still closely tied to its Baptist heritage. We found this at First Baptist. I am so happy to have found a church where I can be on staff and be true to myself and my beliefs. Not to mention, it’s great to be a part of a church that accepts my call as a female minister. This church is filled with dedicated and loving people, and it’s an honor to be a part of the good things that are happening here at First Baptist Greenville.” Kendra and her husband, Chris, moved to Greenville from Boston, MA in January of 2014. Kendra is a native North Carolinian and grew up in the Baptist church. Chris and Kendra have two children, Hattie and Wilder.

Becky Ramsey

Minister to Children

“I serve at FBC Greenville because of its deep respect for the spirituality and gifts of children. This church recognizes the importance of meeting children at their individual levels of development and sharing with them God’s sacred stories, so that they can apply God’s truths to their own lives. Here they can ask questions without fear or judgment, and know that they will be loved as a child of God, regardless of who they are.” Becky and her husband, Todd, have three children, Sarah, Ben, and Sam. She has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since October 2011.

Matt Rollins

Minister of Spiritual Formation and Outreach

“I love the people of FBC, how they take care of each other, and how seriously they take becoming God’s people. Their concern for the community and their willingness to both lead and follow in mission and ministry initiatives are also things I admire and encourage. What a great place to be a minister!” Matt and his wife, Rolyn, have three children, Jack, Celie Ann, and Lucy. He has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since September 2003.

Frank Smith

Minister of Neighborhood Partnership and Christian Fellowship

“First Baptist Church Greenville continues to be the place where I am able to fulfill my call to ministry. I have had the privilege of ministering with and beside this caring congregation for over 16 years. New and exciting ministries continue to provide opportunities for the entire congregations to be involve in reaching out and meeting the needs of our neighbors.” Frank and his wife, Gwen, have two married daughters—Tess and Kevin Camp, and Chesnee and Brian Marshall—and three grandchildren. Frank has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since September 1997.

Laura Stout

Missions Coordinator

“It is a privilege and joy to serve the church who raised me, baptized me and married me. I enjoy serving alongside a church family who cares deeply, dreams creatively, worships authentically and asks honestly. I especially love watching people of all ages connect to each other, to God and to our sisters and brothers around Greenville and the world through missions.” Laura is happily married to Doug Stout. She has been on staff at First Baptist Greenville since July 2004.

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