About Worship at First Baptist Greenville

i-H52sXzS-2588x1454Worship is the heart of what we gather to do as a community of faith. We seek to worship the Triune God, not ourselves, not our culture, not even our own giftedness. We gather in worship to give thanks to God, to offer adoration to God, to pray for God’s mercy and guidance, to hear from God’s word and to be challenged to live for God’s kingdom.

Worship at First Baptist Greenville seeks to remain faithful to the stream of Christian and Baptist heritage that has shaped us. We do not start with the felt needs of the culture and then craft a religious experience to address those needs. Instead, we begin with the traditions of the church—the creeds, the hymns, the liturgies, the preaching—and invite people to join the ongoing stream of faith.

Worship leadership includes an intentional mix of clergy and laity, male and female, young and old. This intentional mixture demonstrates weekly the common ground on which we approach the task of worship. We gather in community, and we worship in community.

Following the tradition of the larger Christian church through the centuries, we include an Old Testament or New Testament reading in worship. The text will relate to the topic of the morning sermon. Sometimes, we will have a Gospel reading, drawing from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Bible is not a flat text to be read with equal emphasis on every part. We read the Bible through the lens of the Gospels, particularly the words of Jesus. Worship leaders at First Baptist Greenville follow what is known as the church year—a cycle of annual markers beginning with Advent. In this context, three one-year cycles of Scripture lessons have been outlined and adopted by large segments of the Christian church as a means to progress systematically through the Bible. On many Sundays, the sermon text at First Baptist Greenville is drawn from one of that week’s predetermined Scriptures.

You are invited to worship at First Baptist Greenville at our 10:30 a.m. service.

This Week
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Summer Missions Sunday

10:30am in the Sanctuary

Proclaimer: Jim Dant
Sermon: Being Verb-al
Scripture: Isaiah 56:1-7; Luke 15:1-10
Soloist: Craig Price
Service Choir: Sanctuary Choir
Anthem: “With a Voice of Singing” – SHAW; “Now the Silence” – AYRES

Order of Worship