Special Needs

At First Baptist, our Mission Statement states, “We believe in the authority of the Bible, the equality of all members, unity in diversity, and the priesthood of all believers.” We strive to provide each individual with the environmental support that they need to fully participate in our church community, learn about God, and make space for God to do God’s work together. Because every person has their own gifts and abilities, each family works with our Special Needs ministry to develop an individual participation plan, addressing their unique spiritual gifts.

  • Sensory supports are available for those who could benefit from them during church activities, including:
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Weighted blanket or weighted “lap buddy” (stuffed animal created by the Lula Whilden Women’s Mission Circle)
  • Fidget toys
  • Visual schedule (there’s a lot of coming and going at church, a visual schedule can be a great calming tool to provide some predictability)
  • Modified church schedule
  • A youth or adult volunteer “buddy” is also an option to help one on one during church activities.

Worship time

Everyone is always welcome to worship in our sanctuary! For those who are more at home in a small group setting on Sunday mornings instead of the sanctuary setting, our class participants enjoy fellowship, worship, and fun while their parents worship in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings (loving care is provided from 10:15-11:30). Our class may visit the sanctuary for portions of the service, or visit preschool worship in the chapel if participants are interested!

Fun with Friends and Family

At FBG, fun is important!

Friends and family from the St. Francis class got together for a game of putt putt outside at McPherson Park on March 6. It was so great to get together in person, masked and outside, for some fellowship! We also collected gifts of fruit for United Ministries. A fun time was had by all!


Respite Night

We care about children and their caregivers!

We enjoyed a respite night at the AYMC with pizza, crafts, and a movie!


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