I am excited to announce that First Baptist will host TWO JustFaith groups this fall, and I hope you will consider whether one or both of these 8-week studies is right for you. There are a limited number of spots available!

“Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey”
Sundays, 3:00-5:30pm
September 15 to November 3
Facilitated by John Braeunig and Dick Stelling

“Living Compassionately – Caring for the Poor”
Tuesdays, 6:30-9:00pm
October 8 to December 10
Facilitated by Julianne Cruce, Jonathan Cruce, and Janna Pennington

“Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey” explores some of the central questions related to the reality of migration on a global level and in the U.S. context. The sessions provide historical, biblical, and theological perspectives and suggest ways participants can take action in their own context.

“Living Compassionately: Caring for the Poor” focuses on poverty, consumerism, and the Gospel call to care for the poor.

JustFaith Ministries was started to help us keep justice and mercy at the forefront of our faith. Through the course of eight sessions­—one session per week of reading, conversations, spiritual practices, and serving our community—participants are encouraged and empowered to live a faith that stretches into the streets of our community. The JustFaith journey is both meaningful and moving. You will develop new relationships, encounter new perspectives, wade deeper into God’s love, and walk away with a glimpse of the Kingdom of God.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about either one of these JustFaith groups, please contact me (matt.rollins@firstbaptistgreenville.com or 370-2515 ext. 144).

Peace and grace,


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