There are elements, people and moments in worship which are highly recognizable and noticed. Who could miss the sound of the organ or piano? Everyone is familiar with the processions, prayers and orders of service. We expect the melodic sounds of choral offerings and congregational hymns. The platform is graced by friendly faces who minister to us week to week. Sermons are expected and heard (except by the snoozing few) and hopefully find a meaningful place in heart and mind.

It has been said, the only time the media and technology ministry is noticed is when something goes wrong. When a microphone pops or dies, we notice. When lighting is too dim or bright, we notice. When Livestream or radio signals are lost, we notice. When video vanishes or loses sound, we notice. I guess it needs to be said—Sunday after Sunday, month after month, year after year, our media and tech team ensure that worship participants inside and outside our Sanctuary have access to all that is meaningful and familiar. In addition, they provide technology assistance to many other ministries throughout the church. We don’t always notice them, but they are always there providing us with near-flawless ministry. Yes, every once in awhile, a microphone goes out…and we notice.

We are delighted to announce that Will Dodson will be serving as our Interim Director of Media and Technology. Will has grown up at First Baptist­—he knows us. Will has spent years working in the tech and media area—he knows our system. Will is a committed friend and person of faith—he knows our God and our hearts. Welcome Will when you see him…and say a word of thanks to all our often-unnoticed sound and tech folk.


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