What a relief it has been to see faces again and share one another’s company! Life and health flow from togetherness! While we celebrate, we also take stock of the pandemic’s lingering effects. Funerals were postponed or limited in attendance, preventing us from sharing our grief and receiving comfort. Almost eighty of our members are homebound or confined to assisted living facilities where visits have been limited, and isolation has adversely affected some of them physically, mentally and spiritually.
Even those of us who emerged “unscathed” have been affected. As depression and anxiety rose, alcohol consumption skyrocketed, physical activity dropped off sharply, “comfort eating” led to weight gain, and we were in this cycle long enough for coping mechanisms to cement into habits. Many lost touch with their spiritual practices, recovery support, Bible study, service to others… vital points of connection.
As the masks come off, it’s the perfect time to re-assess and find our way toward health and wholeness, which includes self-care and caring for others. Your gifts, time and attention are needed, and you will be revitalized as you share them!
What do you need these days? Is it a group for Centering Prayer or to meet with a counselor, nutritionist or fitness trainer? Is it time to request a Stephen Minister or to ask about becoming a Stephen Minister? Can you become a regular visitor for a homebound member or a transportation volunteer? Would it be therapeutic to join our Knit One, Crochet Too team making specialty items for ministry, or are you a better fit for our Card Writing team, sharing words of encouragement through the mail? These are just a few of the options!
Let’s trust God to bring something good out of bad, and allow our experiences to help us become healthier, deeper and more compassionate people. Call a minister this week to catch up!

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