Two weeks ago, our congregation collected cans of fruit for my birthday. Okay…that’s not completely true. The fruit was actually collected to stock the food pantry of United Ministries. These cans of fruit will now find their way into grocery bags—filled with other food items from other churches and donors—and eventually make their way to the cupboards of homes in our community. My birthday is a minor motivator, but the primary reason we donate fruit is to keep us connected to United Ministries and to our neighbors.

Yesterday—Sunday, October 3—we celebrated World Communion Sunday. The bread and the cup were shared within the walls of our sanctuary symbolizing our connectedness to one another and to Christ. On the same day, however, tens of thousands of churches around the world were sharing communion as we celebrated our connectedness in the larger family of faith.

Tomorrow—Tuesday, October 5—one hundred boxed lunches will be delivered to the COVID-19 Unit workers at Prisma Hospital. In a couple of weeks, one hundred boxed lunches will be delivered to the COVID-19 Unit workers at Bon Secours Saint Francis hospital. These lunches are being purchased and delivered through the combined efforts of Augusta Heights Baptist Church, Augusta Road Baptist Church, and First Baptist Church Greenville. Our congregations worship separately each Sunday morning, but we move and minister in the same community day-to-day and week-to-week. Upon hearing of the stress and strain our healthcare workers were enduring, we were moved to do something together to ease their strain. The Senior Ministers of these churches—Dr. Greg Dover (Augusta Heights Baptist), Dr. Matt King (Augusta Road Baptist), and I will be present for the deliveries and extend our common blessing to the healthcare workers
Cans of fruit… Bread and wine… Boxed lunches… Has everyone been fed? Not yet, but we’ll keep at it…


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