It is anticipated and beautiful. Whenever I read a prayer or poem in the course of a sermon, inevitably several listeners want a copy. I’m always happy to share. This past Sunday, I read/prayed four prayers in the body of the sermon. And yes, you asked for copies. Since I am now on vacation, I’m allowing these prayers to be my Rustlings article for two weeks. Both of these prayers are included in a wonderful book of prayers titled, Hearts on Fire: Praying with the Jesuits. I’ll be praying for you as I travel…pray for me…

A Prayer of Confession (William Breault, edited)

Lord Christ, I wish I could offer you a reasonably clean and swept house to dwell in, but I can’t. I can say—and know the meaning of—“I am not worthy to have you come under my roof.” But you are already there! Living among the once-flourishing idols. The floor is dirty and at times the room is airless—even for me! I am ashamed of your presence there, yet you slept in a cave and under the desert stars. So, if I can’t change your accommodations, let me rejoice all the same that you are present. I must believe strongly, Lord, that you are at home with sinners. I do not easily accept it, but the evidence is overwhelming. Amen.

A Prayer of Marvel and Mission (Daniel A. Lord)

For some strange reason, Lord, you depend on me.
What possible need could you have for my shoulder?
Why should you lean on me? Yet you do just that.
I am grateful. It is a challenge and a trust, an inspiration and a call to character.
If you are willing to depend on me, weak and clumsy as I am,
I am eager not to fail you. Lean on me, dear Lord. At least pretend to find me a help.
May your sweet pretense make me worthy of your very real trust. Amen.


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