Dr. Stan Nelson was a well-respected and much-loved Professor of Theology at Golden Gate Theological Seminary. For over two decades, he spent his days in the lecture hall turning students into theologians. I know some of these students; his work was stellar. Dr. Nelson believed the church was the primary source and context for the development of theology. This thought found its way into a book that has informed students and fellow scholars for years—A Believer’s Church Theology. Dr. Nelson died just weeks ago. His memorial service was this past Friday. I received a copy of the eulogy. It was excellent. I was also privileged to listen to a recording of one of his last sermons. It was excellent, as well. The memorable line—for me—from the sermon was, ‘I want my life to be something more than long.’ He went on to talk about wanting to live a life of service. He did.

This past weekend, I walked to Lula Whilden’s grave. It’s become somewhat of an annual tradition for me. She is laid to rest just two blocks from my home. I think Lula shared Dr. Nelson’s sentiment—she wanted her life to be something more than long. She lived the bulk of her life ministering to the blind children and homeless women of China. Enduring hunger, minimal funding and even physical harm, she remained committed to the work of God on the world mission field. I would encourage you to read more about the details of her life and work at https://firstbaptistgreenville.com/who-was-lula-whilden/.

I want our church’s life to be something more than long. Each October, we spend focused prayer on world missions and the raising of the Lula Whilden World Missions Offering. The monies from this offering benefit the mission work of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Alliance of Baptists, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina and several specific missionaries. We are doing more than getting another year older each October; we are providing service and servants to God’s world.

I hope you will make a generous donation to the Lula Whilden World Missions Offering this year. It will help others live well…and help you live well…


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