Green and red are the primary colors of the Christmas season. Burl Ives might have disagreed—arguing silver and gold. For today’s literary purposes, however, I’m going to land on green and red.
This Sunday, November 29, is the First Sunday of Advent. It is also the traditional time for our Hanging of the Green service. The Sanctuary will not be full of people. Processions of children will be absent from the aisles. However, evergreens will adorn the walls, poinsettias will surround the pulpit, the Chrismon tree will tower above the baptistry, Advent candles will adorn the Lord’s supper table, wreaths will hang over the entryways, and I’ll be wearing my first Christmas tie of the season. Via our internet and radio broadcasts, you will hear readings, prayers and scriptures that illuminate the meaning of each of these decorations (well, except for my Christmas tie). Cameras will capture each symbol and send it into your home and heart.
Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of this holy season by virtually participating in the Hanging of the Green during morning worship.
After morning worship, from 12:30-5:00pm, the Bloodmobile will be in the church parking lot. (Yes, this is the red part. I know it’s a bit yucky and bloody, but it is what it is.) Red is a primary color of this season, and giving is a primary act. I want to encourage you to register today and begin the season of giving by giving life to another member of our human family. Blood supplies are currently in short supply. Healthcare workers are overwhelmed with multiple concerns. Everyone who enters a hospital carries multiple worries. This is one concern—one worry—we can eliminate. The last time the Bloodmobile was on our campus, we exceded their expectations and donated the maximum amount blood possible in that period of time! Let’s be that generous again! Click here to reserve your time for donation.
Green and red… Celebrate both colors on Sunday, November 29, and start your season right.

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