It was my parents’ primary mantra and mandate during my early days of worship—Be still! It often crossed their lips in a whisper. At other times, it was more of a growl. In a life filled with bicycles, little league, running, bouncing, kickball, freeze tag, and Pong (Yes, we owned the legendary precursor to all video games.), I needed some time to be still whether I knew it or not. I still do. If you need some time and space to be still, come on over to 847 Cleveland Street…
Our Labyrinth is always open. Situated as a dominant feature in our church’s Prayer Garden, the Labyrinth offers an outdoor, quiet space for prayer, meditation and intentional movement. If you’d rather sit, the benches at the Columbarium are a favorite place for many who come to pray.
The Stations of the Cross hang in our Carpenter Chapel. These icons of prayer and meditation have guided and undergirded the faithful for centuries. Prayer guides for the stations are located at the back of the chapel.
A Centering Prayer Group meets at our church each week in the Prayer Room beside the Carpenter Chapel. This particular gathering of individuals—from the church and community—practices the discipline of contemplative prayer and meditation together.
Of course, my favorite practice is to simply slip into the Sanctuary when no one else is there…find a pew…sit, watch, pray and listen.
Every facet of our modern life calls us to be active, entertained and over-stimulated. The church does not need to fall into the trap of ‘ramping up the action’ for the already feverishly frazzled. Our best gift to our children, youth, young adults, middle-agers and senior adults might be a place where we can remember/learn what it’s like to be still.

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