They are favorite lines from a favorite prayer written by Ted Loder,

“I tremble on the edge of a maybe, a first time, a new thing, a tentative start, and the wonder of it lays its finger on my lips.

In silence, Lord, I share my eagerness and my uneasiness about this something different…”

Letting go of what we know and moving toward something new is usually a hesitant path. I personally cringe at my comfortable spaces being invaded by change. Change, however, is what keeps us alive, vibrant and open to the ongoing new work of the Spirit in the world.
This year has been a season of change within our church staff. Two more staff ministers have announced they will be transitioning to new chapters and new challenges in life. Laura Stout, Missions Coordinator, has resigned to move into the business sector (effective June 30), and Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, is retiring (effective December 30). I will personally miss each of these friends and colleagues in the daily routine of ministry. All of us will miss their unique way of providing leadership and service to us. I’m delighted I will still be able to worship with them from week to week.
2022 has been a year of staff transition. Please know that these transitions were not unexpected, they are not the result of any negative incident, but they are the positive, natural movements of some very competent ministers to the next chapter of their lives. The Personnel Committee has been diligently and intentionally guiding our hiring process. Search Committees are being appointed, and some are already hard at work. Ministers and ministry committees are ensuring the bases are covered. I’m guessing some roles will be filled by shifts in present staff while others will be new hires. In every case, we will keep the congregation fully informed and continue to do our best in creating a space for God to do God’s work in this place, allowing God’s Spirit to do a new work among us and through us.

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