One month ago, I had a left-side, open, inguinal hernia repair. While much of life returned to normal fairly quickly, some of life was put on hold. It took only hours for me to re-engage the television, the internet, and my books. It took a few days to feel comfortable lifting a guitar to my lap. It took a couple of weeks to laugh and sneeze without fear and hesitation. However, during this month of recuperation, I have not been able to run. This week, I hope to lace up the Mizuno’s and log a few miles, so rather than run for the last few weeks, I’ve been walking.

I’ve enjoyed walking. I’ve enjoyed slowing down (not that my running is much faster than walking) and actually seeing the world around me. And it’s been a good season for walking. The spring weather has blossomed the trees, brought out the shoppers and offered an incredible moon in the early evening sky. Much to my surprise, I’ve enjoyed walking.

I’d like to invite you to join me, or one of our other church staff, on a short walk. In 2018, the Stations of the Cross were hung in our Carpenter Chapel and then dedicated to the glory of God. The stations follow Jesus’ last day of life from his trial to the tomb. It is a holy representation of the Via Dolorosa (the way of Jesus’ suffering) in Jerusalem. A common practice in churches and at retreat centers is to prayerfully ‘walk the stations’ during Holy Week. This year, our church staff will be leading small groups through the stations during Holy Week. You may sign up for these prayerful walks online at Each group is limited to 12 persons. You may want to sign up for a ‘lunch walk’ and bring your coworkers. You may wish to sign up for a time convenient for your family to walk together. You might find it meaningful to simply come alone. The prayerful walk takes about 30 minutes and is completely contained in Carpenter Chapel. We will move from station to station and remember the last moments of Jesus’ life. (Please note: You may be seated on the pews if mobility is a problem. It’s really more standing than walking.)

I’m pretty sure walking has now become part of my personal physical routine. Now that we have these beautiful Stations of the Cross in Carpenter Chapel, walking the stations will become part of my Holy Week tradition, as well. I’m looking forward to walking with you.

— Jim

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