In Mark 6, Jesus directs his disciples to go out into the countryside “two by two” (a phrase that immediately triggers the song from 2011 Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, to play in my head) to heal people and preach repentance. He instructs them to be as unremarkable as possible: to bring only one cloak, one pair of shoes, no money, no food, no stuff. The disciples survive only because people opened their homes and cupboards to unremarkable strangers who knocked on their doors. As it turned out, these unremarkable, ordinary, plain people had remarkable stories to tell.

Our Fellowship Hall has hosted the most remarkable people, lately. Have you heard? The Children’s Ministry program hosted three sessions of “Bake with the Bible” camp, where rising 1st through 5th graders baked recipes related to Bible stories, made friends, played games, decorated keepsakes, and pondered what God was “up to” in all of this.

First Baptist is full of scholars, professionals, teachers and preachers, but I have to say – these kids have the adults beat in the wisdom category. During one day of “Bake with the Bible,” we learned about the Lord’s Prayer. What does it mean, I asked, for “God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven”? What is God’s will?

“A will,” 7-year-old Emma offered, “is what you leave behind when you die.”

Can you believe how lucky we are to be taught by our children? If that’s not a sermon, I don’t know what is! Many of you know all about this wisdom. You’re raising, parenting, loving on, teaching and chaperoning our church children and youth. You know how curious, thoughtful and delightful our kids are! You know that wisdom comes from the most unassuming, “unremarkable” people.

Are you hungry for this kind of wisdom? It’s here – in the Sunday School classrooms, children’s mission events, and summer camps. Come and listen. Don’t miss the remarkable movement of the Spirit.


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