Yes, I was glued to the television for the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket that carried the Dragon SpaceX capsule into earth’s orbit last week. In prior years, I was tuned in as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon, as subsequent Apollo missions made it and missed it, for the first space shuttle launch, for the space shuttle loss, and for several other journeys in between. I was enamored with space as a child, and the love has lingered. For a brief moment, I considered being an astronaut, but even my fifth-grade imaginative mind knew I was better at prose than physics. One of the top ten conversations I’ve had in my life occurred over lunch with Colonel Jim Irwin. It was just days before he died. We both loved space. We both loved the Old Testament. We vehemently disagreed on the historicity of Noah’s ark. We spent almost four hours picking each other’s brain. It is an afternoon I will never forget. Last week, it felt good to be pulled away from the earth for a few moments.
I stopped by Staples last week to pick up some ink cartridges for my printer. I donned my mask and deliberately made my way to the appropriate aisle. I had no intention of browsing or spending more time than necessary in the public venue. I was stopped in my tracks by a mid-aisle kiosk. It was a coffee kiosk. They had Tully’s coffee! I’m not a coffee snob, but Tully’s is one of my favorite coffees. I rarely see it on the east coast. It was like striking gold. I’m sipping a cup right now.
Some robins have built a nest on my porch light. It all happened in a day. I left for work one morning—no nest. I came home that evening—nest. On my first few days of entry and exit (It’s two feet from my door!), I was chirped at and swooped at and obviously not trusted, but for a couple of weeks now, whether entering or exiting, I always say, “Hello bird.” The expectant parents have grown accustomed to my voice and my movement. They now sit on the porch rail—or simply remain on the nest—and quietly watch me come and go. They let me take pictures a few days ago. They are expecting triplets. I’ll be a godparent soon.
I ordered a Magical Mystery Tour Pizza from a local restaurant this week. It is no longer on their menu, but they will still make it if you ask for it. It is my favorite pizza—three cheeses, two types of mushroom, pesto, and pickled jalapeno peppers. I enjoyed my favorite discontinued pizza while I watched the rocket launch.
We journaled during a yoga class this past Saturday. We were instructed to write about three words we wished to describe our lives. Mine were: authentic, welcoming, and generous. I was humbled and hopeful listening to other words from other lives.
Every once in a while, you have to take time off from trying to change the world and just enjoy the world…enjoy some simple pleasures. Life is a gift.

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