I’d like to introduce you to John. You will never meet someone who loves Jesus more or the church more. He is a gifted writer who has allowed his pen to explore multiple genres: biography, didactic letters and even fantasy literature. He’s a little more verbose than some of his counterparts, but he’s also a bit more creative. His lengthy expositions are often filled with unique images, insightful chronologies and touching tones. To be honest, it took me a while to like John. He was never my favorite writer, but in recent years, I have come to appreciate his creative bend. I think you will like John. You are probably already familiar with the succinct and action-packed work of Mark. We spend a lot of time with the typically Jewish stylings of Matthew, and who doesn’t love the all-inclusive, graceful prose of Luke. Matthew, Mark and Luke all proclaim good news to different segments of a searching world, but John…John speaks directly to the church and to the church’s heart.
I enjoy MidWeek Fellowship on Wednesday evenings. I enjoy sharing a meal with a table of friends each week. After and before dining, I delight in walking from table to table and greeting those who have gathered. I enjoy watching the children clump together at tables, run across the room and exit to be educated in music and missions. I am always appreciative of the familiar songs we sing. I hold sacred the time we spend praying for each other and struggling friends we hold dear. I have enjoyed listening to and learning from Kyle Matthews in recent weeks as he explored the need for ‘wisdom’ in our world. I just love Wednesday MidWeek Fellowship. I love teaching on Wednesday evenings.
On Wednesday evening, February 12, we will begin an exploration of some of the beautiful movements and moments in the Gospel of John. We will specifically look at this gospel’s particular significance to the established church – ours and that of the second century. It is a book that will surprise us, challenge us, reassure us and summon us. I’d like to introduce you to John. I hope you will join me and your church family as we gather for this MidWeek Fellowship series.

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