Several Christmases ago, a semi-chaotic crowd of dissimilarly musically trained individuals got together to bring us our inaugural First on Main concert. For weeks, the motley crew of musicians gathered in the Fellowship Hall selecting songs, transposing keys, learning chords, adapting arrangements, and learning to play together. The culmination of their efforts was presented on the NOMA Square stage outside the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville. When the evening concert had ended, the hundreds gathered looked at each other and affirmed—we need to do this again! And we did…
This year’s First on Main concert will be anything but semi-chaotic, and it will not be the usual motley crew of musicians to whom you’ve become accustomed. This year, we are combining the outdoor excitement of NOMA Square with the beautifully trained talents of our Children’s Choirs and making First on Main a night to remember. Typically, our Children’s Choirs present their Christmas program in our church Sanctuary on a Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon. This year, however, their program will be shared on the stage at NOMA Square, Wednesday, December 11, at 6:00pm. Their gift of song will not only be enjoyed by our congregants who attend, but by a multitude of shoppers, tourists, and greater community members who happen to be downtown. Hot chocolate and/or coffee will be provided to all who gather, and it promises to be truly festive event.
I’ve already begun to enjoy the music of the season, but nothing sounds like Christmas quite like children’s voices ringing out carols. I hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the season and affirm the gifts of our children.

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