It was a rainy-day game in my first-grade classroom. When the playground was puddled and we were forced to stay indoors, Mrs. Hicks would circle our chairs and lead us in a game of Fruit Basket Turnover. For those who’ve never played, each participant is given the name of a fruit with multiple players having the same fruit name. The person who is ‘it’ stands in the middle of the circle and calls out a fruit name. Everyone with that name must move to a different chair while the person who is ‘it’ tries to sit in one of the chairs emptied by the movement. Whoever is left without a chair when the movement stops is ‘it.’ (The rules are really hard to write. It makes more sense if you just play.)
We’ve had a sort of Fruit Basket Turnover in our church staff recently. Allow me to catch you up on ‘who landed in what chair.’ In the last several months, some of our staff have retired. Mittie Taylor retired as Director of the AYMC (Activities Youth Ministry Center), and Kathy Stewart retired as Director of FBDS (First Baptist Day School). Their chairs have been filled by Caleb Avery—new Director of the AYMC and Julie Fayssoux—new Director of FBDS. Since Caleb served as Assistant Director of the AYMC prior to becoming Director, his assistant chair has been filled by Taneka Chappell. In addition to our retirees, Will Raybun—Associate Youth Minister—resigned to accept a call to serve as Minister to Youth and Children at Benson Baptist Church, Benson, NC. A search committee will be convened to hire a new Associate later this year. Priscilla Harris retired as our Children’s Music Associate. (Here comes the most confusing part of the turnover. Are you ready?) Amy Joye has been serving as Director of Vocare (youth music ensemble) and also giving ministry assistance to Laura Stout in Missions and Frank Smith in Senior Adult and Neighborhood Partnership Ministries. Now, Amy will be working as Music Ministry Associate. She will continue to direct Vocare, as well as assume Priscilla’s responsibilities with our Children’s Music Ministry. In addition, she will provide some administrative support to our Children and Preschool Education ministries. Jennifer Craig—who has been working with Spiritual Formation, Children and Preschool Ministries—will now give ministry assistance to Spiritual Formation, Missions, Senior Adults and Neighborhood Partnerships.
Like I said, it’s been a fruit basket turnover lately, but I hope this helps you know who has landed in what chair.

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