Rogers and Hammerstein, Elvis Presley, The Mamas and the Papas, The Cranberries, The Everly Brothers, Gary Wright, and many other musical artists have given us music about dreams. I guess my favorite is voiced by Fleetwood Mac,

“Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom.
Well, who am I to keep you down?”

After a year of differing degrees of pandemic sequester, many of you are dreaming of travel again. Many are desiring the freedom to cross state-lines, cross TSA security scanners, and cross oceans. Many of you have been asking, “When is the next pilgrimage?

We obviously did not feel safe traveling in 2020, and very few countries were allowing non-resident guests. This year—2021—has been a year of gradual reopening and watching and hoping for many pilgrimage destinations. It has not been a year that feels overwhelmingly safe or prudent for overseas travel. I have decided to schedule a pilgrimage for March 17-28, 2022. It will obviously be dependent upon open borders and significantly reduced risk with regard to COVID-19…but hey, we’ve got to keep planning. We can dream. This pilgrimage will be the ‘Cruise the Bible Pilgrimage.’ I will teach, and we will sail to three different continents following the trek of our Judeo-Christian roots. Beginning with a lecture on world religions in Athens, Greece, we then sail to Egypt (the land of Israelite slavery) to Israel (the land of promise), and to Turkey and Greece (the sites of the early church). If you feel this pilgrimage might be a welcome chapter in your spiritual journey, please attend our ‘interest meeting’ on Sunday, May 2 @ 12:00 noon in the church sanctuary. I will share the details of the pilgrimage with you. You are under no obligation to go. It’s just an information meeting. After all, we can dream…can’t we?


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