There are a few things in this life we just ‘can’t get enough of.’ Years ago, Lays potato chips released an incredibly successful advertising campaign on the idea – you can’t eat just one. They were right. It’s hard to eat just one potato chip. There is something about the crunchy, satisfying, saltiness that makes you go back for more. Currently, Thin Mints have made the list in my life. These decadently, double-bite-sized (okay, single bite if you’re on a roll) Girl Scout cookies are addictive. You can’t eat just one – particularly if they came straight out of the freezer! I’m glad our children only make these available once a year, and I’m glad I was able to begin running again this past weekend… and I’m glad I only have one box left!
Within the life of the church, one of those ‘things I can’t get enough of’ is the music of handbells. While they seem to ring clearest and loudest and most festively during the Christmas season, any time is a good time for handbells. Many of you have said the same. For those who love this musical expression, our Bell Tower Ringers will be sharing a full-length concert on Wednesday evening, April 10, in the Fellowship Hall for MidWeek Fellowship. Often, they support our worship experience by providing particular elements of worship: prelude, offertory, etc… During this midweek concert, they will be able to expand their repertoire and share a continuum of music that moves outside the bounds of limited expression. I’m looking forward to this treat!
If you do not have a standing reservation for midweek supper, make a reservation and join us for supper anytime between 4:45 and 6:00pm. The concert will begin at 6:15pm and end at 7:00pm. If you do not plan to attend supper but would like something to snack on during the concert, feel free to bring your own Lays potato chips and Thin Mint cookies. I won’t be sharing any of mine…but I’m happy to share the enjoyment of the handbells with you.
— Jim

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