Helping new members integrate into the life of the church is a fun part of my job. I truly enjoy the process of helping individuals and families find their place of service and suggesting a good fit for a smaller community within the church or a Sunday School class or two. Each situation is different, but the main thing I focus on is staying with the new members, walking alongside them as they get to know their new church family and these unfamiliar hallways, basically until they don’t “need” my assistance anymore. First Baptist Greenville has handled this important step in different ways over the years. Sometimes we have hosted a breakfast or lunch; other times it has been more of a group session that meets during the Sunday School hour. Recently, I am finding the best way to do this is through personalized meetings with the new member or new family, where I can focus on their specific interests, needs, and passions, so if you are a new member of this church, be on the lookout for an invitation from me to get together to talk about “getting involved.” This is not mandatory, and it won’t hurt my feelings if you decline, but please know that a big part of my role here at First Baptist Greenville is to help you enter into the life of this church as fully as you would like. If you hear from me, I hope you’ll take me up on it, or if I am taking too long to contact you, feel free to reach out to me, as well ( or 233-2527 ext. 144). Either way, I look forward to helping truly make First Baptist Greenville your new church home.

— Peace and grace,

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