We are in covenant with Iglesia Bautista del Camino (Baptist Church of the Way) in Guanajay, Cuba. By agreeing to and blessing this covenant fifteen years ago, we became partners with their congregation, sister churches to each other. If you were not aware of this relationship, or if you have never actually seen its terms, here it is:

Covenant of Partnership Between Iglesia Bautista del Camino Guanajay, Havana and First Baptist Greenville, South Carolina

  • Both congregations will bless the partnership.
  • Our congregations will exchange history, culture, traditions, and language through the nurture of individual relationships.
  • Our congregations will maintain communication as a sign of solidarity and will share information including prayer requests, updates on mission projects, etc.
  • Our congregations will have public prayer for one another on a regular basis.
  • Our congregations will exchange liturgical symbols.
  • Our congregations will foster communication among our members to diminish the stereotypes about Cuba/USA.
  • As able, members of our congregation will have a presence with one another.
  • Our congregations will collaborate to support the Patio Project for families in Guanajay.
  • Our congregations will review our covenant annually and revise as needed.

When a team of ten from our church visited them in February of this year, we were eager to uphold the “have a presence” item from the covenant. We prayed for each other, talked about movies, asked and answered tough questions, worshiped together, drank coffee and shopped and toured, and got updates on all of the projects they are working on in addition to the Patio Projects. We also exchanged symbols. They created for us some beautifully made crafts of their church’s logo, and we presented to them two pieces of stained glass (one of our logo and one of theirs) for them to display in their worship space. On May 5th, we will worship through the lens of this covenant as the members of the most recent team will lead us through a service highlighted with the culture, music, and Christian love that we experienced while we were there. We hope you will join us.


— Peace and grace,
Matt and the Cuba Team

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