We are currently planning and getting everything together for an action-packed summer. This is one of our most eventful summers to date, and it offers plenty of opportunities for youth to get involved. We know that the summer is a busy season filled with plenty of family time, but we hope to see as many wonderful faces at each event as we possibly can. On Wednesdays, we will be gathering together for Mission Possible, Lunch Club, and Bible Study; this serves as a consistent time for our youth to spend time with each other and the community. There are two planned in-house events at the AYMC in the form of a Game Night and a Movie Night, allowing the youth to enjoy each other’s company in their space. There will also be two exciting events where we leave the comfort of our own home to go to Dollywood and Big Air. This year we are also excited for the opportunity to leave the continental U.S. to do some good work. In late June, we will be taking a group of 45 youth and adults to Puerto Rico through Praying Pelican Missions. Towards the end of the summer, we will be heading off to everyone’s favorite week of the year, Unidiversity at Maryville College in Tennessee. We are excited to extend an invitation to college students and high school graduates to meet on Tuesdays for College Bible Study, including a kick off at Top Golf. Lastly, to cap off what we are anticipating to be another fantastic summer, we will have the annual Pool Party. Once again we are very excited for this summer full of adventure both near and far, hoping that it will succeed in rooting our youth family deeper into First Baptist’s faith community.

John Michael and Thaddeus

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