Years ago, when I embarked on my first full-time ministry position, I was excited and eager to do a good job. So, for months, I was burning the candle at both ends, going to the office early, staying late, and taking work home.

Eventually, exhaustion set in.

Out of necessity, I spent some time in prayer and reflection. I realized God wasn’t calling me to live in a state of depletion; if I wanted to be in ministry long-term and have something meaningful to give to others, I had to take better care of myself.

I needed to get sufficient rest, eat food that nourished my body, and exercise regularly.

Self-care honors God by acknowledging the boundaries and limits of our humanity. It’s a liberating practice that prevents us from falling into the “Messiah” trap and believing that we alone can save or heal the world. Instead, self-care allows us to acknowledge that ultimate salvation and healing rest in God’s capable hands.

Although I sometimes revert to old habits of neglecting myself,

I remain committed to returning to my self-care practices, as highlighted in my 90-Day Plan. However, one’s routine gets uprooted by moving to a new town. Initially, I was worried I wouldn’t find the time or place to exercise regularly in Greenville, but did you know that First Baptist has a fantastic workout facility onsite?

A session in the Fitness Room at the AYMC!

The AYMC (Activities and Youth Ministry Center) is a fabulous gift. I have been walking on the carpeted Walking Track, which has a nice view of the Swamp Rabbit trail and Reedy River. Thirteen laps equal a mile. I often pray during these walks, so if you see or hear me murmuring to myself, rest assured it is a spiritual conversation! This integration of prayer into my walks adds a meaningful spiritual dimension to my self-care routine, enhancing my physical and spiritual life.

While I don’t execute these self-care practices flawlessly, I continue to try. I want to value my well-being as much as God does.

A session in the Fitness Room
at the AYMC!

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