At mealtimes, my family has a practice we call “Good in our day.” We recall and name all the good things (large and small) that happened to us throughout the day. Then, we say together, “God, for all these gifts and more, we give you thanks.” This simple gratitude practice became a part of our lives after I attended a seminar.

Some of you may recall that, alongside my theology degrees, I hold a Master of Social Work. Several years ago, as part of a continuing education requirement for my social work license, I attended a seminar about the habits of happiness. What struck me during this seminar was the alignment between the suggested habits and the practices that followers of Christ are encouraged to embrace throughout scripture. Social science researchers are shedding light on what our faith tradition has long known: practices such as gratitude and focusing on others can increase happiness.

So, I invite you to join me on Wednesday nights as we explore what I like to call the “Spiritual Habits of Happiness.” These are not just abstract concepts but tangible practices, like my family’s gratitude ritual, rooted in both social science findings and the timeless wisdom of our faith. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall from 6-7pm for four weeks beginning January 17. Together, we will delve into these spiritual habits, learning how they can enhance our well-being and deepen our connection with God and one another.


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