Foundation Seeks New Trustees

Nominations are being accepted for new trustees to serve on the nine-member First Baptist Church Foundation Board. The terms of three trustees will expire at the end of June. To maintain the regular rotation, three trustees should be appointed to serve for three years. The criteria for serving are as follows:

1. Must be a member of First Baptist Church

2. Enthusiastic dedication to the concept of permanent endowment to support missions and church causes

3. Experience in and dedication to mission and ministry work

4. Business experience including the making of financial decisions

All church members are invited to submit their nominations for these positions. Please give your nominations to Judy Tollison, chair of the Diaconate; Elaine Barnhill, chair of the Foundation; or bring them to the church office or place them in the offering plate no later than the deadline listed below.

The chair of the Diaconate, with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Diaconate, will recommend a slate of trustees to the Diaconate and congregation for approval.

The trustees currently serving on the 2017 Foundation Board are: Elaine Barnhill, chair (2018), Pat Booker-Christy (2019), Bo Campbell (2017), Jim Childress (2019), Eleanor Dunlap (2019), Roy Janse (2018), Brenda League (2018), Leslie Rodwell (2017), and Stephanie Wright (2017).

Trustee nominations are due no later than Sunday, April 30.