Want to win one year of *FREE TUITION* for the FBDS 2023-2024 school year?

October 16–25 you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to be entered into a drawing to receive one year of free FBDS tuition!

One lucky family will be announced at the Parent Party on Thursday, October 26! Follow along on Instagram @FBDSCommunications for updates.

Tickets for the drawing will be $125 per ticket or $100 per ticket if you purchase 2 or more.

Proceeds will be put towards professional development for the FBDS teachers and improvements for classrooms and playgrounds.

Remember to attend The Parent Party at Other Lands Brewing on October 26 to see if you’re the lucky winner!

* Winner will receive a maximum of $4,000 credited towards one child’s 2023-2024 tuition (if tuition is less than $4,000, winner receives the lesser amount to cover the tuition; if tuition is more than $4,000, winner’s tuition is covered up to $4,000). It cannot be used to cover early or extended stay costs.

* Tuition payments made thus far will be refunded by the school or can be credited to next year’s tuition.

* Must sell a minimum of 40 tickets for drawing to be valid, else your ticket purchase will be refunded in full.

Ticket Purchase Form

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