Something new and exciting is happening at First Baptist for our fourth and fifth graders!

For many years, Children’s Ministry has offered an annual Discipleship Class to help our kids begin thinking about important questions: What does it mean to be a Christian? What are some ways to talk to God besides bedtime prayers? What happens when you’re baptized? What is involved in church membership? How can I be a modern day disciple—and what is one, anyway?

This year we’re exploring these topics with a brand new Discipleship Retreat! We’ll begin at 3pm on Saturday, November 9, and will finish at the end of worship Sunday, November 10. Much of our time together will be spent on field trips all over Greenville and right in our own church home, exploring what it means to begin a life of following Jesus.

Whether or not your child has already experienced Discipleship Class, we hope she/he can join us on our brand new retreat! Contact me at to sign up by November 6. Thanks to the Stogner gift, the event is free to everyone.


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