College Care Packages

Our college care packages are sent to 7 states, traveling over 3,050 domestic miles. These boxes packed with love and handwritten prayers can really brighten up a student’s day!

Last week our Youth Family packed and mailed over 55 exam care packages to our college and graduate school students. In less than 24 hours, we started to receive texts and pictures expressing their gratitude and appreciation for their Box of Love they received from their home church.

We want to thank our church family who donated all the snacks, homemade goodies and school supplies for the care packages. Your contributions helped to make our Boxes of Love extra special!

— Mary Carol and Sarah

Thank you so much for my care package! It’s so great to be reminded of my church family during times of stress.

— Sophie Harris

I want to not only thank the congregation for providing me a care package for finals, but also for everything the congregation has done for me. It’s a blessing to have you guys by my side. You guys are the best, and I love the package! Happy holidays!

— RJ Styles

I’ve sent off care packages to students every year for the 7 years of my time in the youth group, so receiving one was a transcendent experience. I had always wondered what it was like on the other end; now I know. Being away from home for so long made me appreciate the care package even more. Even the notes from names I didn’t recognize still held resonance because they were from my home church doing what I did, writing letters to students I didn’t know. It was less about the items in the box, but more so the thoughtfulness of the gesture and the memories it brought back. On top of all that, it reminded me how much I love my church!

— Chris Matthews

Last week, I received a small brown box in the mail. From the moment I tore off the tape, my day was changed. As the semester begins to dwindle down, more and more stress and assignments are piled on top of me. However, I forgot all that once I tore open that box. The food, snacks, and school supplies inside the box were so wonderful, but that was not the best part of the box. It was the love that came from the people who sent the box. For those who do not know, while the youth are packaging the box they place handwritten notes inside. Reading over those notes, I was brought to tears. One small brown box changed my day completely around. On behalf of all the college students, your love is felt and we are so grateful for it.

— Annie Deaton