The children of First Baptist are among our greatest treasures. From their dedication as babies, to their nurture in Preschool Ministries, to their education in Sunday School and Day School, to their baptism, to their service as acolytes and further leadership in worship, they are treasures. No greater indicator of life, vitality, hope, and future exists. We joyfully invest time, energy, and resources in nurturing them toward faith in God and healthy living in the world. The people who serve them—professionally and voluntarily—are among our most valued servants. In fact, there is always a need for additional Sunday School teachers, event chaperones, mission leaders, Children’s Choir leaders, and helpers. Feel free to contact Becky Ramsey, Juli Morrow, Priscilla Harris or Laura Stout if you feel called to serve.

Our care for children extends beyond the church campus, however. Many of our mission endeavors and mission dollars are oriented toward the needs of children in our community and world. We’ve provided Tutu Desks to children in Africa, dollars to children at the US southern border, and volunteer hours at many local child service agencies. This fall, we want to give you one more opportunity to serve children. Depending on the data source, there are almost a half-million children in foster care throughout the United States. Approximately four thousand of those children are in South Carolina, and more than one thousand of those need placement. FBG is partnering with South Carolina Youth Advocacy Program to help identity persons who might be interested in adoption, being a foster parent, being in a support network for foster parents, or working toward the ‘best interest of foster children’ as a guardian ad litem.

On Thursday, September 26, at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall, we will host an information meeting regarding foster care and the work of guardian ad litems in our state. If you have interest or already serve as a foster parent, please plan to attend. If you know of someone who might be interested, please pass the word.

The children outside these walls are no less treasures than those within…


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