The Ministry Education and Formation Committee is excited to introduce two college students who will make up this summer’s Youth Mentoring Team. The Youth Mentoring Team is a program that provides an opportunity for college students to identify strengths, gifts, interests and abilities; invest in our Youth Ministry and its members; and help create a sense of trust, respect and bond between our youth and youth leaders.


Hello, my name is Thaddeus Jones. I am currently a freshman at Sewanee University in Tennessee. I started attending First Baptist Greenville with my parents, Stuart and Laura Jones, a little over three years ago. Ever since I walked through the doors, it has felt like home. It did not take long for me to think of it as my church. The experiences I have had here have really taught me about God and strengthened my belief in a way that nothing else ever could. I hope I can be part of that experience for youth, building their faith, and enjoying their lives with their faith family. These are some of the greatest youth that I have ever met. They have huge personalities. I cannot wait to teach them and see what they teach me.

My name is John Dunn, and I am returning as a Youth Mentor this summer. Last summer was an amazing experience, and I loved every minute of it. I am at Greenville Tech, and I am now in my second year there. I am on track to graduate in the spring of 2020 with a degree in Engineering Design. I am excited to celebrate another summer with this Youth Family and mentor these bright, young minds to be closer to God. I’m also very excited to be able to share this experience with Thaddeus Jones, a good friend and the best guy for the job! I am so thankful for this opportunity.

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