For the first time ever, FBG will be called into conference via Zoom on Sunday, June 28, following worship! The agenda item during this Called Church Conference is to elect three Trustees to our Foundation. For security reasons, the Zoom link will be emailed to the church on the Sunday morning of the conference. As a reminder, only church members are allowed to vote.
First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC Foundation has nine Trustees from the church, elected by the congregation. These individuals are recommended by the Foundation and approved by the Diaconate. The following individuals are willing to serve a three-year term beginning July 2020: Paul Goldsmith, Beverly Lambert and Oz Rogers. Paul and Oz are completing their previous term and are willing to continue to serve the Foundation with a new three-year term.
Foundation Trustees with existing terms of service include:
Term Ends July 2021
Bob Howard
Roy Janse
Brenda League, chair
Term Ends July 2022
Pat Booker-Christy
Don Caldwell
Eleanor Dunlap

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