On Wednesday, July 29, at 6:15pm, our Senior Minister, Dr. Jim Dant, will begin a study of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. Philippians—like all other epistles or letters in the New Testament—is often referred to as a ‘book’ of the Bible. It was never intended to be a book, however. In fact, the Apostle Paul had no idea he was writing what would later be considered a holy text. It was a letter. That’s it…a letter. It is a short piece of correspondence between Paul and a congregation that he truly loved. It contains words of affection, challenge, correction and encouragement.

Over the years (now decades and centuries), the letter was shared with other congregations. The words of this letter were found to be meaningful to its readers whether they lived in Philippi or not and whether they lived in the first century or not, so this beautiful letter became a part of our Bible.

So, guess what? You’ve got mail! We have received a wonderful letter from the Apostle Paul. We are going to read it together—as a letter—and let it speak to our individual lives and to our church. We will be reading and studying one chapter per week through Wednesday, August 19. For Wednesday evening, July 29, read chapter one and let’s enjoy together the words of this very personal correspondence.

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