Youth Trips & Retreats

Spending an extended time with peers will help to create unique memories, which are vital parts of forming more authentic and long-lasting friendships.

Youth Winter Retreat: February 8 – 9
College Winter Retreat: February 9 – 10
Church Wide Retreat — Westin Poinsett Hotel, Greenville, SC: March 1 –3

Youth are encouraged to sign up individually or with their family, and join Mary Carol for a great weekend away with our church family!

Youth retreats have become a central feature of most youth ministries. The reason for this is simple: they are effective! Studies have shown—and I have personally witnessed—that one of the greatest indicators of a youth’s serious involvement in anything is the relationships they enjoy within that context. Meaning, if a teenager knows and enjoys being around their youth minister, Sunday school teacher(s) and peers in their youth group, they will pursue Christ in the context of church more passionately and with more dedication.

Retreats, or trips with an overnight stay, provide youth the opportunity to develop more substantial relationships. Experiencing different environments and new challenges along with spending an extended time with their peers will help to create unique memories, which are vital parts of forming more authentic and long-lasting friendships. Our lives are hugely impacted by the friends we keep: with whom do you want your children to be closest?

Retreats, or extended periods of time, provide opportunities to delve deeper into a topic, which enhances impact and memorability. While the sometimes short-lived “spiritual high” of a retreat may fade, youth were provided with an opportunity to learn how to pursue God on their own in personal devotion time as well as recognize God in their every day circumstances and life. While we are away, our youth are surrounded with mentors and adults who provide an atmosphere of love that extends the experience of the love of Christ among the group. This will help your child grow to love and find comfort in the church and the people in it more and more.

Quite simply: youth who attend and participate in retreats experience God in ways impossible to convey in a couple hours a week in a church building. They are also much more likely to enjoy and be excited about being a part of the youth group and Sunday school

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Join us for all of our retreats this year!

Youth Winter Retreat – Cataloochee, NC: February 8 – 9
College Winter Retreat – Montreat, NC: February 9 – 10
ChurchWide Retreat-Westin Poinsett Hotel, Greenville, SC: March 1 – 3
Middle School Mission Trip – Asheville, NC: April 5-7
High School Mission Trip – Puerto Rico: June 22-28
Unidiversity Youth Camp – University of Tennessee: July 22 – 27
MS Merge Retreat (for rising 6th graders): August 2 – 4

Contact Sarah Carter to signup

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