Youth Sunday, February 26

We Have a Story to Tell

Youth Sunday 2017Around every corner there is a great story waiting to be discovered, lived and retold, and people love to hear them! This year in our Youth Family Bible study, we have been looking into the Bible — literally how it was written and put together —and how we can connect with the stories being told within its pages. Funny, I know! Where this is pretty much the basis for every Bible study, this year we have taken a very intentional look into the Bible and how we can enter into the biblical story. This helps us to not just read scripture, often disconnected and confused as to how it relates to us, but to read scripture in order to understand it as a gateway to engage in God’s greater story. Our youth are discovering that each of us has our own stories that we live out every day and often these stories can be paralleled to the biblical stories which in turn can teach us about our role in God’s story.

Simply put… every person has a story, and every story is important. Join us on Youth Sunday as our youth tell their stories of how they are discovering their responsibility and awareness of God’s love and work in their lives.

All of our Youth Family members are invited and encouraged to wear their Youth Family t-shirt and participate in this special Youth Sunday worship service. Contact Mary Carol to purchase a Youth Family t-shirt for $10.

— Mary Carol