Youth Mentoring Team End of Summer Reflections

Our Intern Committee is grateful for the commitment our interns made this summer to our youth, church family and staff! Thank you!

There are not enough words to describe how impactful this summer has been for me. First off, thank you. Thank you to the whole congregation for supporting and funding Peyton and me as we took on this internship. Thank you to the Intern Committee for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Thank you to the youth for allowing me to dig deeper into your lives. And lastly, thank you to Peyton Mills and Mary Carol Anderson who have been a dream team from which to work and learn.

This summer was full of laughs, jokes, hugs, tears and conversations. I had the privilege of writing devotions and Bible studies that made the youth really think and dive deeper into themselves than they thought possible. Given the opportunity to be vulnerable with a group of sixth to twelfth grade youth and have them be vulnerable back is something I could never put into words of how impactful it can be for everyone. From singing our hearts out at camp, telling jokes as we worked on mission trip, eating dinner together every Wednesday night, and the fellowship with each other all summer long strengthened the bonds with the youth even more! Experiencing this crazy world called youth ministry was a true blessing. Having been a YMT this summer has solidified the fact that this type of ministry is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

— Annie Deaton

As the summer draws to a close and everyone slips back into their fall routine, I look back at this summer with the youth with great joy and appreciation. I was blessed with the opportunity to be a YMT for a second year, and I enjoyed every second. As the seniors leave and the sixth graders come in, there will be another transition, but First Baptist has a strong Youth Family full of young people who care for each other and that lean on each other when the time comes. I give my thanks to the church staff, Intern Committee, and the Youth Family for giving me this opportunity to continue my faith journey and see the continuing journey of others.

— Peyton Mills