Merge 2021 was beautiful. We spent an entire day at Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center with our newest 6th and 12th graders. We have a tremendous group of seniors this year who jumped right in and went out of their way to help our newest Youth Family members feel welcome. We completed a scavenger hunt, learned about our Youth Family, ate good food, overcame difficult team-building activities involving a ropes course, played games, and made s’mores! Our 6th graders had an awesome time and are so excited to join our Youth Family and come to Rockmont!
Yesterday was Promotion Sunday, and the Youth Family held a Block Party outside the Fellowship Hall to celebrate! There was a giant inflatable, a popcorn machine, our favorite games, and Henry’s BBQ. This provided an opportunity for our Youth Family to gather together before Rockmont and have an evening of fun! Parents were able to ask questions they had about our year, and the youth were able to run around and enjoy the festivities together.
—The Youth Staff

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