Many of you know that Kyle Matthews spent two decades working as a recording artist and songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee, before he came to serve as one of our staff ministers. His songs have been recorded by 70 major artists of different genres and have won Dove, Stellar, GMA and numerous ASCAP and BMI awards.

In our August 14 worship service, Kyle will share music on Christian themes that address many aspects of our society and culture. In his work in pastoral care, Kyle has seen firsthand how Christianity speaks to the hard issues of our lives and times. These faith-based concepts—gratitude instead of never having enough, mercy and love instead of condemnation, making our lives a blessing in this world and embracing the cycle of life instead of living in fear—are all struggles in our spiritual lives.

I hope you can be here in person on Sunday, August 14, to sing and hear the inspiring music—and to re-connect with our caring community of faith.


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