“One hand for the ship, one hand for the sailor,” is a wise adage born of hard experience. Still, self-care is usually the first thing to go overboard as we race around trying to manage our lives.
Let’s right the ship! Join us for our congregation-wide World Within Weekend: an immersion in caring for ourselves (the world within us) and caring well for others (the world within the church). On Saturday, January 25, there will be five great two-hour seminars from which to choose followed by lunch together—all of it included in the $10 registration fee. Childcare will be provided.
Which of these critical areas calls to you?
1) Marriage Enrichment with marriage therapist Andy Johnson, who will help us keep our primary relationships healthy.
2) Mind and Body Care with Dr. Min-Ken Liao and Dr. Susan D’Amato, who will lead us in no-stress chair yoga, mindfulness practices, and contemplative prayer. Take a deep breath, stretch out the stress, and listen for a word from God.
3) Addiction Recovery with specialist Hubert Yarborough from FAVOR for both addicts and those who love them. Each of us is touched by addiction.
4) Tend to Your Grief with Rev. Kendra Plating. It’s said that pain that is not transformed will be transferred. Give your grief the attention it deserves.
5) End-of-life Preparation with attorney Duke McCall and Kyle Matthews, to tend to the legal, the practical, and the spiritual aspects. Do this now for the people you love!
On Saturday night of that weekend, we are hosting a Caregiver Respite Dinner for those members of the church who can’t always get to church because they are caregiving for others. It’s our way of saying: “We see you, we love you, and we know you need care, too.” Please use the registration page to nominate that caregiver you know who needs that kind of care.
On Sunday morning, each of our nine pastoral care ministries will have a representative in the Narthex to answer your questions about getting the care you need or being part of their efforts to care for others. Learn how to take advantage of the mutual benefits of pastoral care!

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