This Wednesday, September 20, join us for supper and a presentation from Mitch Randall, chief executive officer at Good Faith Media (the publishing company of Nurturing Faith).

Mitch will tell us about the work of Good Faith Media and the podcast he and his wife co-host. All adults will remain together in the Fellowship Hall.

The following Wednesday, September 27, Round 2 of Fall courses begin! At 6:00pm, we gather in the Fellowship Hall for music and prayer time, then move to the following courses which will be offered September 27-October 25:

MidWeek Classic: Belonging to God’s Church: Insiders and Outsiders in American Church History with Elizabeth Jemison, Associate Professor of Religion at Clemson University
Fellowship Hall, 6:15-7:00pm
How have Christians navigated pivotal moments in American church history? Join us for models (and cautionary tales) from the past that speak to today’s world.

Running with Doug, with Doug Stout
AYMC Reception Desk,
We will be running and/or walking 1-3 miles each week. If people want longer or shorter distances we can adjust per individual or group of people. The routes will differ each week from the AYMC.

—Anna and Camille

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