First Baptist Greenville’s Youth Family thrives for a variety of reasons, none of which can be discounted; however, our volunteers are what really help make the ministry great. They take part in many activities throughout the year. If you visit the Terrace Level of the AYMC on a regular Sunday morning, you will find approximately 15 Sunday School teachers ready and willing to guide the youth through Sunday School. These adults are able to build personal relationships with many of the youth and serve as trusted adults on whom the youth know they can depend.
Food is of foremost importance in the lives of teenagers, and we are thankful that youth parents rotate in and out of our Sunday evening gatherings providing a variety of feasts. Not only do they prepare and serve the food, they stick around and clean up while the youth enjoy Bible study and games. These faces are ones that the youth see repeatedly throughout the year since these same parents and volunteers often join the Youth Family on trips and retreats. Approximately a dozen adults traveled with the youth to Puerto Rico last June, and different volunteers rotate in and out of trips throughout the year providing much needed support and guidance.
Although we are currently unable to travel and see one another, we wanted to be sure to take the time to recognize our volunteers and let them know just how much we appreciate them. The list is too long to name in a short newsletter. Please know that we are thinking of each of you and are looking forward to the day that we can minister to our youth alongside one another once again. You all are incredibly important to this ministry.
—Will Raybon

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