It has been a delight to begin my time as Pastoral Resident, even when church feels very different. Seminary doesn’t necessarily prepare you to lead worship on camera or on Zoom, but I have been encouraged and impressed by how well FBG has pivoted and adapted to serve the church’s needs. There’s a joke going around my divinity school classmates about adding a course on televangelism—hah!
This transition could have been a lonely one, but you all have surrounded Matthew and me with such hospitality and welcome. Thank you for reaching out to us by email, phone, snail mail, and in person. It has made a huge difference! Scripture offers many models for hospitality, from Sarah and Abraham feeding three strange guests to Israel’s covenant to welcome the refugee and exile to Jesus’ feeding and caring for the crowds to Lydia hosting Paul and his companions in Philippi. These acts of welcome not only satisfy immediate, basic needs of those seeking sustenance and shelter but establish a framework for continued relationship. Small acts of hospitality remind us of our interconnectedness and the blessing of community. In this time of personal transition, I am grateful for this community’s hospitality, and I look forward to getting to know you all better.
Let’s get in touch! What restaurants should we try? What local spots should we visit? What do you love about FBG? What do you think I should know about our church community? When (oh, when) do you think it will cool off? I would love to hear your stories and suggestions. You can reach me by email or by phone at (864) 233-2527 ext. 7511. If you have the time to get out and about, let’s meet for lunch! I’m looking forward to doing life together.

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