Visually Speaking…

Might sound strange for a musician to say this, but I’m a visual learner. When I see concepts that are hard to describe in words manifested in visual art forms, symbols and objects, it helps me “see” in new ways, get to the meaning below the surface, and remember them. Are you like that?

This summer I did an informal count — just off the top of my head — of people in our congregation who have gifts in the visual arts and came up with 21! Since we haven’t had a “space” for those people to be identified, I’ll bet there are many more talented, gifted and called artists here that I know nothing about.

I gathered the ones I did know about and found a few more. You may have noticed the centerpieces at MidWeek Fellowship, the children’s paintings during our “Creation Care” series in September, the cornucopia at Thanksgiving… all these are gifts from our Visual Arts Team to help us focus, truly “see,” and remember the content of our worship and fellowship gatherings. Would you like to join us?

Our Visual Arts Team is a volunteer group endeavoring to be good stewards of the artistic gifts with which our congregation is blessed. We work in coordination with the staff’s Worship Planning Team to identify those occasions when the themes of worship services, fellowships or special occasions of the church year might be expressed in visual art forms. Our team includes drawers and painters, 3-D object makers, potters, sowers, graphic artists, designers, floral arrangers and scholars who help us be sure that our efforts are informed by our historical and theological heritage.

Another way to describe us is: we have no idea what we are doing, but so far, our collaborations have been blessed beyond our hopes. If you would like to learn more or to join us for a meeting, please contact me at extension 138 or at

— Kyle