When I think of the most meaningful experiences of my life, my first trip to Israel is very high on that list! Having spent my adult life studying and teaching the life of Jesus, it was incredible to visit places where he lived, taught, served and died. Once I had that experience, I wanted to help others have it; I feel so blessed to have visited Israel four times. The comment I’ve heard more than any other is: “Once you visit the Holy Land, you never read the Bible the same way again.”

Recently, some friends at FBG asked me if I would be willing to take a group from here. They didn’t have to ask twice! April 14-24, 2024,
I will be leading a group which will visit the most important places in the Gospels. Highlights of the trip will include: Capernaum, the hub of Jesus’ early ministry; the Sea of Galilee, where our group will enjoy a boat ride on the sea; the sites associated with the Sermon on the Mount and the feeding of the 5,000; the Jordan River, where pilgrims will have the opportunity to be baptized; Bethlehem, the site of Jesus’ birth; and Jerusalem, where we’ll visit the remains of Herod’s Temple, the pools of Bethzatha and Siloam, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the sites associated with Jesus’ death and resurrection.

In the next couple of months, we’ll have an informational meeting to talk about the trip in more detail. In the meantime, let me share the other piece of information that I know matters: the cost, including airfare from Charlotte, is $4,800 (double occupancy). There are some brochures with the full itinerary at the Reception Desk; or if you will email me, I’ll send you the brochure electronically. It will be a time of learning, growth and joy. I hope you’ll consider being part of it!


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