September Missions Focus
Celebrate and make a difference!
On September 20, between 1pm and 4pm, bring your fruit to the church for a United Ministries Fruit DRIVE thru (birthday celebration) co-sponsored by Temple of Israel! Drive through the covered drive between the Rotunda and Fellowship Hall, and as you stay in your car, our socially distanced, masked church volunteers will collect your fruit. Just pop your trunk or roll down your windows and we will carefully take your fruit donations while you stay in your car and give well wishes to Jim Dant for his birthday. Honk your horns, decorate your cars, make posters, sing Happy Birthday or simply wave to Jim from the comfort and safety of your car. We can put a smile on his face and make a difference by helping United Ministries to minister to the many people in need in our community.
Last year, the church donated 2,430 cans of fruit! Each can makes a difference; bring what you can!
If you are not able to attend the DRIVE (thru!), you can always support the Fruit DRIVE in these other ways:
• You can order and ship from home by shopping from the United Ministries Amazon wishlist at
• We will continue to collect on Wednesdays from 10am until 6pm in the covered drive-through between the Rotunda and the Fellowship Hall until further notice.
• You may deliver directly to United Ministries between 8am and noon, Monday through Friday, at 606 Pendleton Street.
—Emily Fayssoux and Anna Woodham,
Missions Committee

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