For the first time in its nearly three decades of ministry, Unidiversity Youth Camp went virtual. As the pandemic began to worsen this past April, the family of youth ministers that work together every year to create camp met and decided to suspend meeting in person. It was an incredibly tough decision; however, it was the right decision to make in order to protect all the youth from across the southeast that attend camp. Instead of cancelling camp entirely, we chose to create a new online model for the 2020 camp. Although a learning curve ensued, the team quickly routed to ensure that a quality camp worthy of the name Unidiversity would be available for the week of July 20-24.
The major components of camp became maintaining a community, participating in virtual seminars, and worshiping together online every evening. The community piece involved engaging with youth across various social media platforms through games, funny videos of their ministers, and daily meditations. Youth were able to both win prizes and experience the funny quirks of camp that they are used to seeing. A team of youth ministers worked hard to create the high quality seminars that our campers enjoy every year. Youth were able to join various Zoom calls throughout the week and converse with their friends and ministers about topics important to them. Finally, evening worship was put together by compiling videos of various youth reading scripture and praying, camp musicians providing the traditional camp music, and this year’s proclaimer, David Brown, preaching what it means to “Do Good Now.” This year’s camp was unlike anything Unidiversity had ever experienced before, but it was good. Our youth were able to be reminded of the good in this world and the good they can do even when things feel so different. Please visit or Unidiversity’s YouTube channel to experience all the camp 2020 content.
—Will Raybon

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