Tutudesk Delivery

Kom ons gaan! Let’s Go! Do you know where Limpopo is? Neither did we until recently, and we look forward to learning more about the area and experiencing it firsthand when we travel to South Africa next July. If you have been following our church’s partnership with the Tutudesk project, you know we raised funds to purchase 1060 portable desks for students in South Africa. We recently learned that our desks will be given to students in three schools in the Limpopo region near Johannesburg. Just as Greenville is situated in the northwest corner of our state and neighbors North Carolina and northern Georgia, Limpopo is the most northwestern region of South Africa and is bordered by Zimbabwe and Botswana.

What will the desks we provide look like? Our children and day school students have submitted their design suggestions, and we can’t wait to see the final product in a few months. Even more exciting than seeing the final desk design will be meeting the students who will use the desks! If you would like to be part of the team to deliver desks next July, we invite you to an informational session on Sunday, November 18. We will gather in the Media Center immediately following the church conference. Tentative trip dates are July 12-19, 2019, and we will provide details about cost and itinerary at the meeting. While it is not necessary for you to register for the informational session, it would help us plan for seating and materials. If you can’t attend on November 18 but want to be on a list to receive information, please contact either of us at jenna.manning@firstbaptistgreenville.com or laura.stout@firstbaptistgreenville.com To learn more about Tutudesk and the impact it is making on children’s literacy development and overall academic performance, visit www.tutudesk.org.

— Jenna and Laura