Have you wanted to look up a phone number or email address for a church member? Do you need to make a change to contact information the church has on file for you? There’s an app for that! If you are already using the ACS ChurchLife app, then feel free to skip this article.

There is one process to complete before downloading the app. Engage First is the online version of our church database. Click the words Engage First at the top of the church website. To create an account, click the link next to the words “Need a login?” Use the email address and full name that is in your record with us. Once you have created an Engage First account, you may want to look around at the options available to you here…online directory, online giving and more! You are also ready to download the app.

The ACS ChurchLife app is available for download for any mobile device. Use the same login credentials for Engage First in the app. In either platform, the pencil icon allows you to submit edits to information the church needs.

If you are not currently using the ACS ChurchLife app, you are encouraged to download it now. Because of some new restrictions from the app stores, ACS ChurchLife will no longer be available for download after November 1, 2022. If you have already downloaded the app, you can continue to use it.


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