Every summer, just before Promotion Sunday, the Spiritual Formation Committee and I treat the leaders and teachers of our adult Sunday School classes to a nice hot breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. This is our meager way to show our deep gratitude for the happy burden they help carry in providing much needed smaller community within the larger church. Unfortunately, this year a nice hot breakfast in the Fellowship Hall is not an option, so instead, I am providing “food for thought” in the form of a helpful top ten list.
Top Ten Ways to Respond to “You’re scheduled to teach this morning, right?” (when you’ve completely forgotten to prepare a lesson):
10) “Was that teaching schedule ever confirmed? I thought that was just a rough draft.”
9) (Furrow your brow and say) “Wait, what’s today’s date?”
8) “I thought today we’d spend some time in prayer and just let the Holy Spirit guide us this morning.”
7) “You know, we haven’t had a class planning session in a while…”
6) “Matt never sent me the link to the lesson. Is he on vacation again?”
5) “Matt never sent me the…. okay, I forgot.”
4) “Aren’t all the classes meeting together in the Fellowship Hall today?” (not applicable during pandemics)
3) “You know, I haven’t been happy with the curriculum that Matt recommended. Can we talk about other options this morning?”
2) “I’m just having major Zoom fatigue lately and felt bad asking someone to fill in at the last minute.” (applicable during pandemics only)
1) “Wait, didn’t you and I switch for this Sunday?”
To all of the Leaders and Teachers of our adult Sunday School classes:
Thank you for the time and energy you invest in your class’s health and wellbeing, for the emails you send, for the lessons you teach, for the welcoming environment you foster for visitors, for the care that you give to your class members, for modeling what it is like to walk alongside others on their faith journeys, for having the courage to look for and crack open 5-pound biblical commentaries when necessary, for figuring out Zoom, and basically for embodying the spirit of the people of God at First Baptist Greenville.
You are much loved and appreciated!
—Matt and the Spiritual Formation Committee

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